Pay in full or via 12 Months Monthly Payments. You will get the full LMQEH activation/attunement course paying either way.

Once you have bought the LMQEH course, the attunement/activation videos will be sent to you.

Please, bear in mind that these are extremely powerful and will need two weeks in-between each video to integrate the energies.

Becoming a healer is an amazing thing and will bless not only yourself but many others also!


Please, join the LMQEH Facebook group to get the most out of your LMQEH Journey.

LMQEH Questions Answered:

1. Should I protect my energies before using LMQEH?

Yes, always protect your energies before doing any healing. This is standard for all healing modalities. You can use a bubble of golden white light, imagine a stream of golden white light direct from God come down into your crown chakra and your body, through all chakras and to the tips of your feet and hands, imagine your entire body filled with Gods light. Then take the light back up from the bottom of your feet to your crown and out again, surround yourself with this energy and create a solid bubble with an added rainbow ray surround to the bubble for extra protection.

At night you can say “I only allow beings of love and light around me whilst I sleep” Also, do the bubble protection above.

2. How many times can I use LMQEH on myself?

You can use LMQE healing on yourself every 24hrs but I would advise using it only once a week as the energies will fill your being and cannot really be added too much during that time. Also, it creates a protective barrier for around 24hrs for deeper healing. so it'll be hard to be healed by another person during this time, so if you intend to get energy healing done on you it'll be harder. Use your standard protection instead during the week.


3. How long will the Vortex/healing stay for?

The healing vortex will stay for around 12hrs, the protection around 24hrs, and the healing will go on for over 48hrs-7days.

4. How many can I use this on?

You can use LMQEH on groups or individually during the day. Example: Walking down the street and using on a homeless person. Then 10 minutes later you use on a client. Then 3 hours later you use on a group of 5 people. Protect your energies before using on each person.

This healing goes through the universal law of love and the law of grace and is automatic for the person's highest good only. This healing is not controlled by the user on any level. It's controlled directly by God.


5. How many times should I send to someone in need?

Only send to a person once every 24hrs if needed. This will mainly only use the shield if used more than once in a week because the healing energies stay with the client for around 7 days.


6. Should I use the client's name or ask for myself to be healed when using LMQEH?

Yes, use the persons’ name (if known) when activating the healing. Obviously, when using on yourself you can ask for yourself instead of “dear soul”. It’s the intention and energies to activate it that are needed most.


7. What is the best cooldown time for LMQEH to be used again?

2 weeks is the optimum time for all healing energies to leave the physical. Then when you do a new session the client/person will be given newer energies more fully.

If you have any more questions on this healing? Please, message and let me know.

8. I am a massage therapist can I use this healing whilst working?

Yes, I have had wonderful feedback from massage therapists using LMQEH before. 

9. Can the clearing with this healing show physical symptoms?

Yes, it can sometimes. Some will clear through the body and physically feel/see it come out.

The clearing is individual to all that have the healing.


Much love, light, and blessings


Leo Ross

Leo Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healing (LMQEH)

Disclaimer: once this healing modality is bought and you have the videos in your email, no refunds can be made by myself, due to the nature of not being able to take back an email. 

All sessions are energy and money exchange donation-based sessions. 

© 2020 by Ross Shugar



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